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Penis traction enlargement is a clinically proven technique that results in natural penis growth. Exposing a part of the body to a constant stretch, naturally results in cell division in this area of the body – a process called cytokinesis. The Jes-Extender applies a steady stretch to the shaft of the penis, causing tissue cells to divide and create new tissue. This cell growth effects in a longer and thicker penis, in a matter of weeks or months.

Results from using the penis traction enlargement method, depends on how much time the traction device is worn. It is up to you as a user to set your own pace and goals. Extending your penis is easy, but requires a degree dedication and time. Some of our customers have even reported growth results up 2-3 inches through continued usage!




Penis Traction Devices


Devices for penis traction enlargement come in various shapes and size. Since penis traction devices yield better results the longer it is worn, it is paramount that it is comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. The Jes-extender has been designed to be lightweight and comfortable, while still providing enough traction. Cheaper penis extenders can be uncomfortable, and if mounted incorrectly, limit the blood flow throughout your penis. The Jes-extender is made to be easy to mount and apply correctly.


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Penis Pills & Penis Pumps - Do They Work?


The internet is home to numerous claims about unbelievable ways men can increase their penis size. These theories range from eating certain foods to consuming copious amounts of largely untested pills. This does not only present a possible health risk to those willing to try them, but also makes it harder to sort through the clutter about penis extension.

Certain foods will not grow your penis. Staying in shape and eating right may improve your stamina, and is always recommended, but it will unfortunately not have any effect on your penis size.

Pills similarly have no proven effect and are typically scams. Many are largely untested, and it is often unclear how they will affect your health. Side effects do not include an increase in penis size.

Injections are still very much experimental, and what little evidence there is, is overshadowed by plenty harrowing reports of painful side effects, such as lumpy penises and erectile dysfunction.

Penis Pumps are often perceived as similar to penis traction enlargement devices, but their results are far from permanent. While you will see an immediate gain in girth, the effects will wear off within half an hour. However prolonged or frequent use of penis pumps can damage the blood vessels in the penis, resulting in erectile difficulties and dysfunction.

We recommend reviewing the overwhelming evidence and documentation, as the penis traction method, as the only viable method for penis enlargement besides surgery. It’s easier, safer and more effective.


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